CFP: Call for Pixels for a Photomosaic for Donald P. Greenberg, 2017

There will be a reception the evening of April 12th in San Francisco for Don Greenberg. Email Diane Lebo Wallace,, to get on the invite list and for more information.

Even if you can't make it, we want your photons. I'm making another photomosaic for Don (shhh, don't tell him), 19 years after the previous one, here. If you would like to be in it, please send me up to four photos. You don't have to be a PCG or Cornell alum - a coworker, coauthor, or friend is fine. Images of you, you and yours, you and Don, from now or way back when, are all great (as are Rand Hall or Theory Center ancient equipment pics; I just received a picture of the Evans and Sutherland PS1, the tenth one built).

If you can send me square images, lovely, that saves me guessing what to crop. Better yet, a 512x512 square makes my life easier (but if the original is lower resolution, just make your best square without scaling up). Give the file your name, e.g., Eric_Haines.at_Rand_Hall.jpg, and you get bonus points. All that said, I'll probably also make an online album for Don, so sending the original and the cropped is even better. Deadline's March 31 - sooner is better.

Also, please do pass on this note to other alums or people who know Don. The easy URL for this page is: - check back here on April 12th to see the result.

Finally, if you're on the original photomosaic, I'd love it if you can dig up and send me your original image.

1998 mosaic

Don Greenberg

Eric Haines /

Last change: March 7, 2017