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Graduate Study at the Program of Computer Graphics

The Program of Computer Graphics is one of a number of research programs at Cornell, many of which do not have academic departmental status and cannot themselves confer degrees. However, as an interdisciplinary research program, we involve faculty from a number of academic departments, including Architecture, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Materials and Aerospace Engineering, and Psychology.

Graduate students currently have two principal options for study under a major advisor associated with the Program of Computer Graphics. The first option is to enter the Master of Science program with a major in Computer Graphics. Students on this degree path normally then minor in Computer Science, with the bulk of their coursework in that department. For those students wishing to study the relationship of computer graphics to an application field (e.g., architecture or engineering) the minor is usually in the most closely related subject area. Applications for the program must be obtained directly from the Graduate Field Secretary for the Department of Architecture.

The second path is to major in computer graphics while obtaining a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science. The basic academic requirements are the satisfactory completion of six graduate computer science courses in preparation for the Ph.D. qualifying exam. Following successful completion of that exam, it is expected that all research will be conducted at the facilities of the Program of Computer Graphics. Application information may be obtained directly from the Ph.D. applicant's guide and the listing of specific requirements. Please state your interest in computer graphics on your application if you wish to pursue an affiliation with the Program of Computer Graphics.


For more information, visit the PCG Frequently Asked Questions resource for prospective graduate students.

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