Hyde Park Mastodon Photos

On September 16, 2000, Steve Westin of our staff was a guest at the site outside Hyde Park, New York, where the Paleontological Research Institution and the Cornell Department of Geological Sciences are excavating the skeleton of a mastodon. He used two digital cameras to acquire images of the site, some of which are assembled here. Each of these images is actually a digital mosaic made in our Digital Photography Laboratory by carefully processing and assembling the individual camera images to provide a wider field of view than is available in a single image. Martin Berggren, head of the Digital Photography Laboratory, assisted in the stitching process.
Tiny view of
Overviews of Site

Here are two panoramic views showing the dig site in context from ground level.

Aerial overview of excavation Aerial Views

Since the bones were to be removed from the pit that Saturday and Sunday, a cherry picker was present to aid in documenting their positions before removal. Here are a couple of views from the overhead bucket of the cherry picker.

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