The Render Cache

License - This precompiled version is for evaluation purposes only and may not be redistributed or sold. You may download and use the sample application, and/or link your own renderer to the render cache, but you cannot redistribute the render cache library without permission.  Alternatively you can download the full C++ source code below under the GPL license if you prefer.

Requirements And Contents

The basic requirements are that you must have a Pentium 4 processor running some version of  Microsoft's windows, java web start (downloadable from the button below), and a willingness to run someone else's executable on your machine.  For more details see the requirements page.
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Launch Sample Application

If you satisfy the requirements listed above,  ( You must have a Pentium 4 machine running some version of windows ), you can launch the render cache sample application from the button below.  Note: because the render cache is implemented as a dll, it will warn you that you are running potentially unsafe code.  Note: You may need to manually configure your browser to open .jnlp files using the javaws.exe  (JavaWebStart) program from your java installation.

Launch Render Cache

User Interface Reference - For people who read instruction manuals.

Fun Render Cache Activities - A few suggestions on how to use this application and sample screen shots.

Using Render Cache with Other Ray Tracers - One nice feature of the render cache is that it is pretty easy to adapt other ray tracers to use it.

C++ Source code - Download the full source code under GPL license.


Not yet implemented - An interface for moving objects in the scenes.  There are already methods in the Render Cache to support this, but I need to add methods to support moving objects in the sample application and the sample ray tracer.

Contact is Bruce Walter, (email: bjw at,  Cornell Program of Computer Graphics