Global Illumination Using Local Linear Density Estimation

 This paper is Copyright © 1997 ACM, inc.  See paper for copyright conditions.  

Color Plate A: Hardware rendered solution for the library model.

Color Plate B: Bias vs. variance tradeoff as bandwidth goes from small (left) to large (right).

Color Plate C: Transforming an illumination mesh into a geometric mesh for decimation

Color Plate D: Comparison of decimation techniques.

Color Plate E: Comparison of rendering techniques.

Color Plate F: Hardware renderings of the Science Center model. Conservative decimation (left), liberal decimation (right).

Color Plate G: Hardware rendering of the Falling Water model.

Color Plate H: A recessed lighting fixture with diffuse (left) and specular (right) walls.

Color Plate I: A solution with two panes of glass displayed using ray tracing.

Color Plate J: Rainbow from a prism.

Color Plate K: Solution convergence with increasing numbers of particles.

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