To Do

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  • Update get_directory description to match what was discovered in USB.

  • Describe the structure of the initial ID packet.

  • Find out what the real meaning of the fffb command is.

  • Describe error recovery protocol.

  • Describe format of low batt condition.

  • Find out the rest of the commands that were discovered in USB:

    • Make directory

    • Delete directory

    • Change attribute

    • etc.

  • Describe File upload.

  • Describe each command in detail.


  • Figure out at least basic functionality for newer protocol

    • Delete file

    • Capture sequence

    • Set file attributes

  • Find out the meaning of more values of the status code returned in the word at 0x50.


  • Add cross-reference links.

  • Integrate serial and USB sections; there's really quite a bit of redundancy and overlap.


09 May 2000: first version with both USB and serial protocols described in the same document.

05 Dec 2002: import to AbiWord for XML output.

28 Jan 2003: Convert DocBook XML, expand USB information

        $Log: Protocol.xml,v $
        Revision 1.22  2005/07/29 20:15:26  swestin
        Changed "Specificatyions" to "Description" in title; this is more truthful,
         as we aren't specifying, just trying to describe what's there.

        Revision 1.21  2005/06/21 16:45:13  swestin
        More info on PowerShot S1 IS.

        Revision 1.20  2005/06/10 01:38:26  swestin
        More info on EOS 20D.
        Cross-referenced new command codes to old.
        Some info on various models from which I have now seen debug logs.
        Started to convert ASCII art in serial section to HTML tables.

        Revision 1.19  2005/04/28 18:03:36  swestin
        Added some new info from init packet for certain models.
        Corrected init packet info for Optura 20, Optura 40 camcorders.
        Corrected one dangling link.

        Revision 1.18  2005/04/27 19:28:22  swestin
        We now know the contents of the init packet from PowerShot SD200.

        Revision 1.17  2005/04/14 20:31:10  swestin
        Corrected one erroneous output dump.

        Revision 1.16  2005/04/04 15:16:37  swestin
        Added information basically related to newer protocol (EOS 20D),
          especially remote control subcodes 0x1b/0x1c; also added a bit on D60.

        Revision 1.15  2005/03/31 17:22:10  swestin
        More insight into "get picture abilities" response.
        Content of init packet from EOS 350D, which might be a "new" camera
          like the 20D.
        "Delete file" for the new protocol (20D) is now understood.
        Slight revision of "TODO".

        Revision 1.14  2005/03/25 18:49:27  swestin
        Added S30, A510, A40, A200 to table of data in init response.
        Revision 1.13  2005/03/24 22:03:21  swestin
        Corrected some XML errors.
        Added info on command codes (new protocol) found by stupidly sending;
           these are the ones that got a reply.
        Revision 1.12  2005/03/21 13:44:07  swestin
        Updated copyright notice.
        Added more info on new protocol (EOS 20D).
        Added note on differing response lengths to "get camera photo abilities"
          with some newer cameras.
        Revision 1.11  2005/03/17 18:12:01  swestin
        Minor fix to "Models Covered" table.
        Added a model or two to the table of initial responses.
        Revision 1.9  2005/03/09 17:07:39  swestin
        Tidied up table of known models.
        More info on camera initial response message.
        Corrected length of response from "get photo abilities" in new protocol.
        Revision 1.8  2005/03/08 20:38:40  swestin
        Added section with list of known cameras.
        More info on EOS 20D, in various places.
        Details on EOS 300D's apparent oddball behavior during remote capture.
        Added A400 info on initialization response packet.
        Revision 1.7  2005/03/04 20:46:51  swestin
        Rewrote a bit on the response packet in initialization.
        Tightened borders on all tables.
        Added A400 to list of camera models for which we know the initialization
        Revision 1.6  2005/01/15 21:00:24  swestin
        Fixed inclusion of CVS log info in document.
        Added more info on response packet in camera initialization.
        Revision 1.5  2005/01/04 17:17:11  swestin
        Fixed various typographical errors.
        Added info observed from EOS 300D.
        Regularized structure of USB command descriptions.
        Added real example of interrupt packet received at camera init.
        Added formatted example of directory read.