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Translators’ Note

This HTML document is intended to reproduce the original 1992 version of this multimedia paper, which is usable only on NeXT hardware. Some features have not been implemented; one example is the recorded demonstrations, so the “play” button is disabled. Such features may or may not be implemented at a later date.

The interactive illustrations were initially coded in C on the NeXT. Dave Hart and Jacky Bibliowicz recoded them as a Java applet, and I revised them to match the NeXT version as closely as possible.

The document was initially generated on Thu Aug 28 13:51:55 EDT 1997 using

the LaTeX2HTML translator Version 96.1-d (Mar 10, 1996) Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996,
Nikos Drakos, Computer Based Learning Unit, University of Leeds.

The resulting HTML needed lots of hacking, because of apparent bugs in the conversion, for style alterations, and to add Java interactive demonstrations.


We have validated the HTML and applets in two ways: with the W3C online validator and by displaying the document in a variety of browsers. Here is a table summarizing our experience to date.

Good Internet Explorer 6.0
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Firefox 1.0 Preview
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Mozilla 1.7.8
Bad   Netscape 4.78
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Internet Explorer 5.2
Netscape 6.2
iCab Pre2.9.8
OmniWeb 5.0.1

We will try to make the document work with newer versions of the browsers mentioned above, but not with older ones. NOTE: If the interactive figures come up blank for you in Firefox or Netscape on MacOS X, you need the Java Embedding plugin.

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