Cornell Box New Amsterdam Theater
Jason Ardizzone

Cornell University Program of Computer Graphics
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Jason's thesis project involved a renovation proposal for the New Amsterdam Theater in New York City. He acquired architectural plans for the existing building and visited the site to photograph the theater in its present state.

A computer model of his proposed exterior was created and rendered using internally developed modeling and ray tracing software. The camera position of the computer image was coordinated with the viewpoint of a photograph of the site. As a postprocess, Jason merged the site photo with the computer image to demonstrate how his proposed structure would fit into the neighborhood.

Jason began his interior work by modeling the existing major structural elements of the theater. To this model he added his proposed seating and lighting structures. Numerous light sources were used to generate this computer image of the proposed interior.

In his thesis proposal, Jason wanted to retain much of the wall decoration that still existed in the theater. Using post-production techniques, he combined a computer simulation of his interior model with photographs of the existing painting and relief work in the theater. He also added a figure for scale and some lighting effects to demonstrate what the working theater might look like.

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