Cornell Box Church of the Light
Case Creal

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Tadao Ando's "Church of the Light" is an excellent test environment for global illumination algorithms. A large cross set in one end of the building admits direct sunlight, and indirect sunlight is reflected into other windows on one side of the church. Case built a model of this church, and the data has been processed by several global illumination renderers.

This radiosity solution was created using Lightscape software. Even though the software's grid subdivision method often leaves shadows with jagged edges, the application of texture maps helps to soften any shadow irregularities.

Density estimation radiosity software was used to create a similar image. This preliminary result shows the promise of using this algorithm on interior scenes such as this.

Another view of the same density estimation radiosity solution shows that more sampling will be required to smoothly evaluate the lighting and shadows in the environment. Separate solutions using only interior or exterior light sources are planned.

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