Cornell Box British Colonial Hotel
Corey Toler

Cornell University Program of Computer Graphics
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Corey selected the British Colonial Hotel in Nassau, the Bahamas, as the subject for her thesis work. Throughout the hotel's rich history it has been renovated and expanded many times. Corey decided to design a museum on the property that would present information about the history of the site and the hotel.

Her first task was to build a complete exterior model of the hotel in its present state. The structure is quite complex, and the site is not flat. Constructing this model allowed her to become familiar with all the parts of the building and site. This understanding would guide her final museum design and layout.

The history of the hotel and the surrounding community are strongly intertwined. Simplified versions of the nearby buildings were added to the site plan. They helped Corey assess the possible sites for the museum. How would visitors approach the museum? What would they see, and what would be their impressions?

Corey decided that the museum should be placed along the shoreline of the site. Visitors would enter via the low addition to the main hotel, which serves as a shopping arcade. A statue of Woods Rogers, the first Royal Governor, is visible in this view.

The museum includes galleries, a theater and live exhibits. She modeled the complete structure in her proposal and rendered high quality images of important aspects of the museum. She also made an animation of a simulated walkthrough of the site, which was shown to her thesis committee.

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