Cornell Box Villa Mairea Library
Chris Williams

Cornell University Program of Computer Graphics
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Chris constructed a model of this library from a private home by the architect Alvar Aalto. After the scene was modeled in complete detail, he progressively simplified it to create two other versions of less geometric complexity. This set of models has been used to test algorithms for interactive exploration of complex environments.

These images are ray traced, while those used in the interactive programs use a lighting solution calculated using density estimation radiosity.

Simplified versions of the geometry were constructed using several techniques:

  • Removal of some small objects
  • Less resolution of smooth surfaces, such as the vase and lamp
  • Simplification of object profiles, such as the legs on the green chairs
  • Replacement of groups of objects with texture maps
A simplified (though still convincing) version of this environment can be navigated in near-real time on high-end graphics hardware.

The bookshelves and ceiling were the major areas where texture map replacement was used. Only when the interactive user gets very close to these objects does the replacement become evident.

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