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Gonioreflectometer Data

The reflectance functions below have been measured at 1439 combinations of incoming and outgoing directions. The incidence angles are 10°, 20°, ..., 80°. The corresponding outgoing directions are uniformly distributed across the hemisphere. The measurements are presented at 31 wavelengths (400, 410, ..., 700nm). Each MATLAB file contains the following data:
  • dir_in: the 1439 incoming direction vectors (with the z-axis of the coordinate system aligned along the normal).
  • dir_out: the 1439 outgoing direction vectors.
  • fr: the 1439 BRDF values at 31 wavelengths.

All data are available in MATLAB binary files. In addition, the data are available in the ASTM text format.

Blue Acrylic Sheet

[Rendering] In MATLAB file
acryl_blue.mat: Lucite blue acrylic sheet.

In ASTM E1392-96 format
acryl_blue.astm.gz: 31 wavelengths. About 81K compressed, about 415K uncompressed
acryl_blue_XYZ.astm.gz: XYZ tristimulus values. About 16K compressed. Also available uncompressed; about 94K.
acryl_blue_RGB.astm.gz: RGB tristimulus values. About 16K compressed. Also available uncompressed; about 95K.

Image-based Data

Black Felt

hat-990106.tar.gz is a gzipped tar archive of image-based measurements of a black felt hat. It is about 32MB compressed and decompresses to about 41MB.

In addition, coefficients are available to render the reflectance with the Lafortune BRDF representation.

Separated into its own directory January 11, 2001
Updated Tuesday, January 2, 2001 with data in text format
Updated Friday, January 5, 2001 to correct truncated text files

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