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[Graph] intsphere.mat: the spectrum of the Labsphere SC-5000/USS-1200 integrating sphere with halogen light bulbs. This is not measured data: it is a resampling of calibration data from Labsphere. It formed the calibration basis for the measurement of all other source data here.
The following spectra are relative only; their scales are arbitrary. They have been measured using an Oriel Multispec spectroradiometer, which was calibrated using the Labsphere calibrated integrating sphere above. The detector provides 1024 discrete wavelength samples.

[Graph] bulbs.mat: the spectra of General Electric incandescent light bulbs "GE Super Soft, Soft White" (60W,100W,100W).
[Graph] lowel.mat: the spectrum of a 1000W Lowel tungsten light source.
[Graph] flash.mat: the spectrum of a Nikon SB-16 xenon flash.
[Graph] boxsource.mat: the spectrum of the light source in the Cornell box (tungsten flood light with UV filter and diffusing glass plate).

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Corrected Monday, April 3, 2000 to give true data for Labsphere calibrated source

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