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The Program of Computer Graphics ("PCG") publishes articles in various journals and conference proceedings. More in-depth writing can be found in Masters theses and PhD dissertations preserved by the Cornell University library system.

The bibliography and online papers at this site are the result of substantial hard work by Eric Lafortune. We have attempted to make it as complete and correct as possible. Any corrections and suggestions should be forwarded to the PCG Webmaster.

A chronological list of papers, articles and books published by PCG authors.
Technical Reports
Some research results are published in-house as techical reports.
Theses & Dissertations
Every graduate of the PCG produces a Masters Thesis or PhD Dissertation which describes their work in great depth.
Sorted by Year
All PCG publications are accessible here, sorted by year.
Sorted by Author
All PCG publications are listed here, sorted by author name.
All PCG publications are listed in BibTeX format to simplify referencing.
Acquiring Printed Copies
Information on acquiring printed copies of papers, technical reports, theses and dissertations.

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