Cornell Box Publications for 1978
Cornell University Program of Computer Graphics
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  • H. C. Allison and Donald P. Greenberg. The three-dimensional graphical input method for architecture. In Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual Design Automation Conference, pages 133--137. IEEE, 1978.
  • Peter Atherton, Kevin Weiler, and Donald Greenberg. Polygon shadow generation. Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH '78 Proceedings), 12(3):275--281, August 1978.
  • Peter N. French, L. E. Johnson, Donald P. Loucks, and Donald P. Greenberg. Water resources planning using computer graphics. October 1978.
  • Donald P. Greenberg and Allex Allison. Computer generated images for medical applications. 12:196--202, August 1978.
  • Robert Haber, John Abel, and Donald Greenberg. A computer-aided design system for funicular network structures. In Third Int. Conf. and Exhib. on Computers in Engineering and Building Design, pages 212--222. IPC Sci. and Techn. Press, 1978.
  • Robert Haber, Marc Shephard, John Abel, Richard Gallagher, and Donald Greenberg. A generalized graphic preprocessor for two-dimensional finite element analysis. Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH '78 Proceedings), 12(3):323--329, August 1978.
  • George H. Joblove and Donald Greenberg. Color spaces for computer graphics. Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH '78 Proceedings), 12(3):20--25, August 1978.
  • Thomas Mutryn, Donald Greenberg, and John Abel. Use of color displays for the interactive design of a reticulated dome structure. pages 589--599, March 1978.
  • Gerald E. Rehkugler, Peter Atherton, and J. E. Kelly. Simulating the motion of two-and four-wheel drive tractors. Agricultural Engineering, pages 17--19, March 1978.
  • Richard Rogers, Peter Atherton, Daniel Nall, and Donald Greenberg. A means for including shadowing in a building's thermal analysis. pages 97--109, March 1978.
  • Wayne Robertz, Richard Rogers, Daniel Nall, and Donald P. Greenberg. Comparison of computer-predicted thermal loads with measured data from three occupied townhouses. 84(2590), 1978.
  • Alexander Sunguroff and Donald P. Greenberg. Computer generated images for medical applications. Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH '78 Proceedings), 12(3), August 1978.
  • Sheng-Chuan Wu and John F. Abel. Representation and discretization of arbitrary surfaces for finite element shell analysis. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, 14:813--836, July 1978.
  • Kevin Weiler, Peter Atherton, and Donald P. Greenberg. Polygon shadow generation. 12:275--281, August 1978.

Theses and Dissertations

  • Marc S. Levoy. Computer-assisted cartoon animation. Master's thesis, Cornell University, 1978.
  • Kevin Weiler. Hidden surface removal using polygon area sorting. Master's thesis, Cornell University, 1978.

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