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A comprehensive physical model for light reflection.

Xiao D. He, Kenneth E. Torrance, Francois X. Sillion, and Donald P. Greenberg.

Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH '91 Proceedings), 25(4):175--186, July 1991.

A new general reflectance model for computer graphics is presented. The model is based on physical optics and describes specular, directional diffuse, and uniform diffuse reflection by a surface. The reflected light pattern depends on wavelength, incidence angle, two surface roughness parameters. and surface refractive index. The formulation is self consistent in terms of polarization, surface roughness, masking, shadowing, and energy. The model applies to a wide range of materials and surface finishes and provides a smooth transition from diffuse-like to specular reflection as the wavelength and incidence angle are increased or the surface roughness is decreased. The model is analytic and suitable for Computer Graphics applications. Predicted reflectance distributions compare favorably with experiment. The model is applied to metallic, nonmetallic, and plastic materials, with smooth and rough surfaces.",

This paper is available as a PDF file HTSG91.pdf (2.5M).

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