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Dynamic simulation of non-penetrating flexible bodies.

David Baraff and Andrew Witkin.

Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH '92 Proceedings), 26(2):303--308, July 1992.

A model for the dynamic simulation of flexible bodies subject to non-penetration constraints is presented. Flexible bodies are described in terms of global deformations of a rest shape. The dynamical behavior of these bodies that most closely matches the behavior of ideal continuum bodies is derived, and subsumes the results of earl ier Lagrangian dynamics-based models. The dynamics derived for the flexible-body model allows the unification of previous work on flexible body simulation and previous work on non-penetrating rigid body simulation. The non-penetration constraints for a system of bodies that contact at multiple points are maintained by analytically calculated contact forces. An implementation for first- and second-order polynomially deformable bodies is described. The simulation of second-order or higher deformations currently involves a polyhedral boundary approximation for collision detection purposes.

This paper is available as a PDF file BW92.pdf (135K).

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