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A fast and accurate light reflection model.

Xiao D. He, Patrick O. Heynen, Richard L. Phillips, Kenneth E. Torrance, David H. Salesin, and Donald P. Greenberg.

Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH '92 Proceedings), 26(2):253--254, July 1992.

This multimedia paper elaborates on the comprehensive physically based light reflection model introduced by He et al. [ 11.To explain the model more fully, the paper gives an overview of the light reflection process at a surface, and employs an interactive graphical tool to demonstrate the reflection model's directional behavior. To make the model more practical, the paper describes an accurate approximation of the reflection model. based on a spline surface, that is much faster to compute. The paper concludes with two animated sequences, which demonstrate some features of light reflection that are accounted for by the model. The full paper demonstrates the potential of interactive multimedia. It is written using MediaVlew [2], a system for authoring documents that include graphics, sound, video, and computer animation.

This paper is available as a PDF file HHP+92.pdf (1.4M).

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