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Interactive design of complex time-dependent lighting.

Julie Dorsey, James Arvo, and Donald P. Greenberg.

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 15(2):26--36, March 1995.

We describe new tools for the interactive design of complex, time-dependent lighting in scenes with fixed geometry. The work is motivated by the difficulty of visualizing complicated lighting sequences during the design of large-scale theatrical productions. Fast interaction is achieved regardless of scene and lighting complexity, even when used in conjunction with costly rendering techniques such as radiosity and ray tracing. Time-variant lighting is simulated using linear combinations of static images, each depicting the scene under different lighting conditions. Multiple levels of accuracy facilitate interactive design by trading image quality for fast feedback in a controlled way. Coarse approximations are used in the preliminary design stage to allow for instantaneous feedback, then the sequence is progressively refined by computing basis solutions in order of increasing overall contribution. When changes to the design are required, existing global solutions are re-used to the greatest extent possible. The techniques are demonstrated with complex models based on actual stage sets.

This paper is available as a compressed Postscript file ( 99K).

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