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Artdefo - accurate real time deformable objects.

Doug L. James and Dinesh K. Pai.

In Alyn Rockwood, editor, Siggraph 1999, Computer Graphics Proceedings, Annual Conference Series, pages 65--72, Los Angeles, Aug 1999. Addison Wesley Longman.

We present an algorithm for fast, physically accurate simulation of deformable objects suitable for real time animation and virtual environment interaction. We describe the boundary integral equation formulation of static linear elasticity as well as the related Boundary Element Method (BEM) discretization technique. In addition, we show how to exploit the coherence of typical interactions to achieve low latency; the boundary formulation lends itself well to a fast update method when a few boundary conditions change. The algorithms are described in detail with examples from ArtDefo, our implementation.

The accompanying video is available as a QuickTime file:

This paper is available as a PDF file JP99.pdf (1.2M).

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