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Image-based bidirectional reflectance distribution function measurement.

Stephen R. Marschner, Stephen H. Westin, Eric P. F. Lafortune, and Kenneth E. Torrance.

Applied Optics-OT, 39(16):2592--2600, June 2000.

We present a new image-based process for measuring a surface's bidirectional reflectance distribution rapidly, completely, and accurately. Requiring only two cameras, a light source, and a test sample of known shape, our method generates densely spaced samples covering a very large domain of illumination and reflection directions. We have verified our measurements both by tests of internal consistency and by comparison against measurements made using a gonioreflectometer. The resulting data show accuracy rivaling that of custom-built dedicated instruments.

The Optics Infobase provides some online information.

This paper is available as a PDF file MWLT00.pdf (1.4M).

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