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A system for 3d conceptual modeling for architectural design.

Moreno Piccolotto, Sebastian Fernandez, Kavita Bala, Michael J. Malone, and Donald P. Greenberg.

Technical report PCG-00-3, Program of Computer Graphics, Cornell University, Jan 2000.

This paper introduces a novel computer-based system for conceptual architectural design. The system, which is composed of both commercially available software and original routines, has five unique components providing an environment conducive to exploratory creative design.

These components include:

1. A pen-digitizing tablet with an easy to use user interface with gestural commands.

2. Sketching input routines which allow an architect to directly sketch in truly three dimensions.

3. Fast, interactive, rendering routines which provide shadows and glossy reflections and allow rendering while modeling.

4. The ability to sketch in a virtual world and modify three-dimensional environments interactively.

5. A three-dimensional communication space for remote collaboration.

Collectively, these routines enable new paradigms for the early stages of the design process. Portions of the system have now been successfully used in teaching an undergraduate architectural design studio.

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