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[DBB03]Dutre:2003:AGI Philip Dutré, Philippe Bekaert, and Kavita Bala. Advanced Global Illumination. A K Peters, Natick, USA, 2003.

This book provides the reader with a fundamental understanding of global illumination algorithms. It discusses a broad class of algorithms for realistic image synthesis and introduces a theoretical basis for the algorithms presented.

Topics include:

  • Physics of light transport
  • Monte Carlo methods
  • General strategies for solving the rendering equation
  • Stochastic path-tracing algorithms such as ray tracing and light tracing
  • Stochastic radiosity including photon density estimation and hierarchical Monte Carlo radiosity
  • Hybrid algorithms: weighted multi-pass, bi-directional path tracing, Metropolis light transport, irradiance caching, photon mapping and instant radiosity
  • Beyond the rendering equation: participating media, sub-surface scattering and more
  • Image display and human perception
  • Fast global illumination: render caching, interactive ray tracing, ...
  • Unresolved issues in photorealistic rendering
  • A class library for global illumination

If you want to design and implement a global illumination rendering system or need to use and modify an existing system for your specific purpose, this book will give you the tools and the understanding to do so.

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