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Squashing cubes: Automating deformable model construction for graphics.

Doug L. James, Jernej Barbic, and Christopher D. Twigg.

In SIGGRAPH 2004 Technical Sketch. ACM SIGGRAPH, ACM Press, August 2004.

The vast majority of geometric meshes used in computer graphics are optimized for rendering, and not deformable object simulation. Despite tools for volume (or surface) (re)meshing of geometric models to support physical simulation, in practice, the construction of physically based deformable models from arbitrary graphical models remains a tedious process for animators.

Squashing Cubes (SC) automates the construction of physically based deformable objects from arbitrary geometric models. During preprocess, the geometric model (typically a surface mesh) is voxelized into tiny elastic cubes, i.e., the squashing cubes model. Second, a generic deformable object simulator is used to deform the SC model. Finally, the resulting deformations are interpolated back onto the original model, thus producing the final animation. Such domain embedding schemes are familiar to graphics [Pentland and Williams 1989; Faloutsos et al. 1997].

SC is simple to implement, practical for complex. . .

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