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View dependent perspective images.

Jeremiah Fairbank.

Master's thesis, Cornell University, August 2005.

The effects of scalar distortions that result from incorrect viewing location adversely affect a viewer's ability to judge space and scale in a perspective image. A study of the history of the development of the perspective image shows that artists and architects of the Renaissance were sensitive to the location of the viewer. Using this precedent, we place a renewed emphasis on the relationship between the viewer of an image, the image, and the scene the image represents.

We have created a computer graphics application that uses a skew camera model to present a view­dependent perspective image. We find the viewer's location using a camera based tracking system. Viewer location data, along with information about display location guide the skew camera's parameters. We create perspective images that do not suffer from the distortions that are commonly present in wide­angle perspective images. Our system allows for the display of perspective images that geometrically recreate what the observer would see if they were to view a real scene.

This paper is available as a PDF file Fai05.pdf ( 16M).

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