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Perceptually based tone mapping of high dynamic range image streams.

Piti Irawan, James A. Ferwerda, and Stephen R. Marschner.

In Rendering Techniques 2005: 16th Eurographics Workshop on Rendering, pages 231--242, June 2005.

This paper presents a new perceptually based tone mapping operator that represents scene visibility under timevarying, high dynamic range conditions. The operator is based on a new generalized threshold model that extends the conventional threshold-versus-intensity (TVI) function to account for the viewer's adaptation state, and a new temporal adaptation model that includes fast and slow neural mechanisms as well as photopigment bleaching. These new visual models allow the operator to produce tone-mapped image streams that represent the loss of visibility experienced under changing illumination conditions and in high dynamic range scenes. By varying the psychophysical data that the models use, we simulate the differences in scene visibility experienced by normal and visually impaired observers.

The associated video is available as as a QuickTime file (~14.5M).

This paper is available as a PDF file IFM05.pdf (1.2M).

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