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Testing of a gonioreflectometer for computer graphics.

Hongsong Li, Sing Choong Foo, Kenneth E. Torrance, and Stephen H. Westin.

Technical report PCG-05-01, Program of Computer Graphics, Cornell University, April 2005.

We describe an automated, three-axis BRDF measurement instrument, which can help increase the physical realism of computer graphics renderings by providing light scattering data for the surfaces in a scene. The gonioreflectometer performs rapid measurements of the BRDF of a flat, isotropic, sample surface over the complete visible spectrum and over most of the incident and reflection hemispheres. To validate the instrument, initial measurements were taken and compared with measurements by other instruments. The accuracy of the BRDF measurements is sufficient for computer graphics research, while reciprocity and energy conservation are preserved.

This paper is available as a PDF file LFTW05a.pdf (763K).

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