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A simple, accurate texture model for woven cotton cloth.

Piti Irawan and Stephen R. Marschner.

Technical report PCG-06-01, Program of Computer Graphics, Cornell University, June 2006.

Cotton cloth is a commonly encountered material in everyday life, and a realistic model for its appearance is needed for rendering clothing and environments in many computer graphics applications. For realism it is important to produce the correct texture when the pattern of threads is resolved in the image, but cloth must also be rendered efficiently in more distant views when the thread pattern is not resolved. This paper introduces a simple model that, for any view and illumination directions, reproduces both the small-scale texture (BTF) and the large-scale reflectance (BRDF) of wo-ven cloth within a single framework. The model is simple and fast, and it can handle any weave pattern using only a small set of param-eters. The model is validated against measurements, and it quali-tatively matches both the texture and reflectance observed in real cloth.

This paper is available as a PDF file IM06.pdf (8.5M).

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