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Mesh ensemble motion graphs.

Doug L. James, Christopher D. Twigg, Andrew Cove, and Robert Y. Wang.

In SIGGRAPH 2006 Technical Sketch, page 69, New York, NY, USA, 2006. ACM SIGGRAPH, ACM Press.

We describe a technique for using space-time cuts to smoothly transition between stochastic mesh animation clips while subject to physical noninterpenetration constraints. These transitions are used to construct Mesh Ensemble Motion Graphs for interactive data-driven animation of high-dimensional mesh animation datasets, such as those arising from expensive physical simulations of deformable objects blowing in the wind (see Figure 1). We formulate the transition computation as an integer programming problem, and use a novel randomized algorithm to compute transitions subject to noninterpenetration constraints.

This paper is available as a PDF file JTCW06.pdf (1.7M).

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