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Pigmented colorants: Dependence on media and time.

Jeffrey Blaine Budsberg.

Master's thesis, Cornell University, Jan 2007.

We present a physically based model for predicting the visual appearance of artists' paint, which is dependent on both time and the material that binds the colorant to a surface.

In our study, we captured the reflectance spectra of a large number of paint samples at different intervals in time over the course of six months. These paint samples were handmade to ensure material quality, using various pigmented col­orants and adhesive binding media. Converting our spectral data into different perceptually uniform color spaces, we show very significant perceptual differences in two domains: the appearance of paint changes over time; and the appearance of one pigmented colorant varies when dispersed in different materials.

Finally, we present an interactive viewer for predictive pigmented color mixture utilizing the paint reflectance spectra, Kubelka Munk theory and modern graphics hardware.

This paper is available as a PDF file Bud07.pdf ( 11M).

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