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Spatiotemporal sensistivity and visual attention for efficient rendering of dynamic environments.

Hector Yee, Sumanta Pattanaik, and Donald P. Greenberg.

ACM Transactions on Graphics, 20(1), January 2001.

We present a method to accelerate global illumination computation in prerendered animations by taking advantage of limitations of the human visual system. A spatiotemporal error tolerance map, constructed from psychophysical data based on velocity dependent contrast sensitivity, is used to accelerate rendering. The error map is augmented by a model of visual attention in order to account for the tracking behavior of the eye. Perceptual acceleration combined with good sampling protocols provide a global illumination solution feasible for use in animation. Results indicate an order of magnitude improvement in computational speed.

The Additional results are available online.

This paper is available as a PDF file YPG01.pdf (2.2M).

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